What comes to your mind when you hear the word durian?

If you are a local Malaysian, the taste sure comes to your mind when you hear about durian. We want to share the opinion from outsiders regarding its stinky reputation or surprising taste experience from their description.

“Same as vomit-flavored custard.”

“Smell like rotten eggs.”

“Taste like garlic ice cream.”

“Smell like the combination of onion and meat.”

Do all the comments crush your imagination of their expression? I believe the strong position of durian in your rank of food will not be dropped after years of supply in Malaysia.

Has Durian Delivery made your life better?

They always overcharged you with the low quality of durian or even low quantity of durian by adjusting their scales. You are in the middle of choosing the best durian ever and still, your expectations didn’t always meet by them as they lied to you about the durian variety until you found it after many years from an article on how to differentiate the durian species. You demand the fresh durian but they always fool you by cutting out the stem. Some of the merchants even mimic the effect of ripened durian by immersed the durian in liquid chemical substances.

Due to the trick and issue we found amongst the local stall and durian merchant, we want to do durian delivery as we deal it all from choosing, filtering till peeling, and delivering it to your house with a reasonable price in the market.

We, as durian delivery provider, would not want to allow this issue to happen to our customer as what we provide is the peeled durian flesh upfront for the customer. Our customer could detect the quality of durian through the color and size of the delivered durian flesh. We provide a customer service platform where the customer could submit any claims and complaints regarding the durian that delivered to them. So far, we received less issues from customer and 98% of them were satisfied with our express durian delivery and premium durian quality.

When do you usually eat durian?

Share with us what is the best time for you to enjoy durian. Some of us prefer to take it as after-meal dessert while others might able to consume 3 to 4 seed as their whole durian meal for lunch or dinner. Regardless of the moment you hope to enjoy durian, Tip Top Durian, durian delivery is here for you from 10 am to 9 pm. You may set the delivery time if you want to make sure you have the fresh durian after done all the busy tasks as a premise. We assume you expect the next day delivery if you place an order at 9 pm.

What is your favorite durian memory?

We love to engage with durian lovers if you are one of them. Do not hesitate to share out your best durian experience with us, such as when was the first time you taste durian and how was your feeling when you smell at first. All this sharing would be the chance for us to create a more appealing durian experience for you guys! As you know, our creative would not stop at just durian delivery but other memorable durian related activities or event for you to explore!

Would you rather visit orchard with a group, solo travel, or meet other visitors along the way?

We have the vast orchard in Bentong as durian plantation and here is the place for our durian source. We love to take the orchard visitation in the consideration as part of our Tip Top Durian project or campaign. Would you want to go as a group, or yourself only with along the advisor or visit the orchard with just your family members ? Kindly tell us what’s your pick and we could plan regarding the survey from this blog.

Reference link: https://topduriandelivery.com